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Wrestler, combat and defeats lion

Have you always come to know about the struggling among an animal and a man? The global media described about the transmission of such sports where the lions and the men are together achieved with remarkable adventures. The wonders of the game are obtainable on internet.
The matter of amazement is that substantial functions are planned for this determination. A brave man and a lion are crumpled with each other. The attractiveness of the game is that the lion is always overcome by the bold wrestler. He saves a hard stick in his hand while accomplishment the unsafe adventure.
Countless people are requested in the function. Keep in mind that the game is played in a city of Iraq. Individuals from dissimilar cities like to travel in order to like the astonishing instants of the willing.
One of the private news channels questioned the wrestler. The courageous man called about his services. The mother of the combatant supposed that his son continuously strained to do some extra usual things. He likes to astonish the people by his incredible guts. He worked hard to get capability in order to fight with the unsafe animal.
Such astonishing events are celebrated in dissimilar countries. The travellers often like the astonishing and unbelievable stunts of the players. In fact, playing with a dangerous animal is similar to play with the life. Sometimes, the adventurists have to face crucial and surprising situations during the presentation of their activities.

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