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Beer e Rooah, Real Miracle of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Beer e Rooha is a well-known well and has a noticeable place in Islamic history. The well is situated at eighty kilometres away. The well is a real miracle of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Public from all over the world visit the well and drink its water. The well has an unlimited history and is extant in the same state as it was around 1400 years ago.
The water of the well is recognized as “Aab e Shifa” as it cures diseases. People bring their animals to the well and claims that their goats recover immediately after drinking water. The well was dug by the friends of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) who travelled from Makkah to Madina.
Muslims of that time were facing severe environments after immigration and they had no source of water. Beer e Rooha was the only well that was extant in Madina, but its water couldn’t use for drinking determination as its taste was bitter and people fell ill afterward drinking its water.
Our Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) spat into the well and Allah Almighty turned the water sweet and filtered. Afterward, the tricky of water resolved and water of the well never over ever. A number of people visit the well every year and take its water alongside them to extant it to their ill relatives.
Allah Almighty continuously support Muslims in compact times when they show their trust in Allah and pray for his forgiveness. Beer e Rooh is a superb miracle and a blessing on Muslims.

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