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Shusmita Sen reciting Surah from QURAN pak

Pakistan and India are in a state of war since 1947. It’s been 7 decades nearly and the two nations still hate each other. The reason is religion like continuously.
Pakistan on one side has endlessly given proper rights to the subgroups but Indian have continuously called India as the better India.
They want to make India much superior by winning the other neighbouring countries. The main hurdle in their way is Pakistan.
Every non-Muslim country dislikes Pakistan as it is the only Muslim state with the atomic power. Though, India has done all they can do using their agencies.
But RAW has been a disgrace to the name of Indian people. Now India is applying female girls in Pakistan in order to express against the armed forces.
These girls are working in dissimilar fields of life and everywhere they are doing their job to spread hatred in contradiction of the mother land.