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Islamic Concept of Love and Marriage

Islam provides the right to man and woman to select their life partners by their own determination. One necessity have no worries in instruction of Islam concerning love and marriage of own choice. Islam provides complete freedom to children to take decision about marriage.
Islam is the contiguous religion to human nature that does not stop you to achieve your desires. It just tells some boundaries that set by Almighty ALLAH.
Molana Tariq Jameel labelled a whole incident of crossing limits, set by Almighty ALLAH, by the mate of Holy Prophet (S.A.W.W.) and told how Islam is delightful for giving chances of clemency to sinner after obligating sin.
There are two kinds of people in Islam, one who believes affinity among boy and girl is Haram before marriage and the other trusts nothing is Haram in meeting boy and girl responsively before wedding.