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Inhuman Behavior of Indians with Kashmiri

Indian Army soldiers exposed fire on Kashmiri mujahedeen hit under the fragments of a building. The inhuman act of the Indian soldiers was logged on a video film from Indian Kashmir and was unconfined over the internet.
Such type of inhuman actions is a substance of every day in Indian Kashmir meanwhile many years. Kashmiri Mujahedeen are canned like animal by the Indian Army if they are held in some cross fire. Typically the mujahedeen do not get into the trap of the Army and discharge with the assistance of Kashmiris in the cross fire. Though, if they are stuck into problematic state, the soldiers show the most horrible war corruptions against them
Kashmiri Mujahedeen are aggressive for the freedom of Indian Kashmir meanwhile numerous years now. Their rights are powerfully not giving to them by the Indian government. Nearly six million Indian Army has invaded into Kashmir and annoying to force the people to live with India.
Kashmiri people do not like to living with India. Since 1947 Indian Kashmir is waiting for its freedom agreeing to the determinations of the United Nations. Indian Army unsuccessful against the Kashmiri Mujahedeen and unsuccessful to control them in their match for liberty.