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moment Syrian toddler pulled alive from rubble

A toddler totally supressed below ruins in Syria has been dragged out alive by saviours who mined with their bare pointers.
This video, despatched on YouTube by Syrian campaigners, seems to show a retrieval team hysterically tunnelling to rescue the stuck youngster in Aleppo, allegedly after government intimidations
After seemingly earshot cries while scouting for survivors, the group of men are seen badly clawing stonework and dust away with their hands.
At first, the child cannot be seen but an arm and a head appears, then a red jumper caked in dirt.
When rescuers realise the child is alive, the furious mining speeds up and one man uses a pickaxe to wisely dislodge masonry.
The toddler seems dazed but breathing, alternating slowly and caring its eyes from the happy sunlight.