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The Biggest Sea Whale Found In Karachi Pakistan

KARACHI: Fishermen on Wednesday caught a 20-foot-long whale shark off Karachi beach, sketch large sum of visitors to catch a sight of the marine giant. The whale shark was loosened to Karachi Fish Harbour, presently after it was netted. This is the major marine species found in an open sea. Rendering to World Wildlife Fund, a scientific name of this species is ‘Rhincodon typus’, considering around 11 tonnes and a length measuring 40-feet. The environment of this endangered species is mainly oceans a similar whale shark was found dead 30-kilometers off Karachi beach near Gora Bari area on February 6, 2013. Pakistan scientists later effectively preserved the whale shark at Pakistan Museum of Natural History; a move widely commended by people from all walks of life. The age of whale shark was supposed to be 50 years.

Giant Whale Found At Karachi Beach by khabarnamcha