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MQM Leaders Confirmed MQM ‘received Indian funding– BBC

According to a recent report circulated by BBC, Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) has been getting funding and assistance from India, Dunya News reported. According to facts, at least two senior MQM leaders have self-confessed to getting aid from India. BBC said UK establishments examining MQM for money laundering also found a list of weapons at an MQM center. The British media outlet has mentioned an unidentified source saying that MQM militants have getting exercise in India in the past ten years. It involved training using weapons and explosives. In its report, the BBC says it was told that UK establishments have formal logged interviews with senior MQM officials who acknowledged to receiving the funding from the Indian government. BBC further quotes this official as saying that this training by India was given to mid-ranking officials of the MQM, addition that the junior members have been receiving training in the recent while. The British media channel said it was told “no comment” by the MQM upon communicating.
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