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Dwight David Howard was born on December-8-1985. he is an american sport player for the Houston Rockets of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Howard, UN agency typically plays center however may also play power forward, had an excellent highschool career at Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy. He selected to forgo school and entered the 2004 NBA Draft, and was hand-picked initial overall by the urban center Magic.

An eight-time All-Star, seven-time All-NBA team choice, five-time All-Defensive member, and three-time Defensive Player of the Year, Howard has been hierarchical systematically collectively of the most effective within the league in rebounds, blocks, field goal proportion and charity throw makes an attempt, and has set varied franchise and league records. He light-emitting diode the Magic to 3 division titles and one conference title, and he was the winner of the 2008 NBA Slam Dunk Contest. within the 2008 athletics, he was the beginning center for Team USA, that went on to win the medallion. He was listed to the la Lakers in 2012, and signed with the Houston Rockets in 2013.

Before he was written in 2004, Howard aforesaid that he wished to use his NBA career and Christian religion to “raise the name of God among the league and throughout the world”. In November 2009, he was named one in every of the ten finalists for the President of the United States Awards for Public Service, that awards athletes for his or her charitable work.

It will be an extended and struggle-filled offseason for Houston Rockets star center Dwight Howard if allegations of him interacting with a 16-year-old lady sway be true. The story is all hearsay and speculation at now however the subject has become a attentiveness of a lot of of the amusement world nowadays, June 5.

Photos of Howard hanging during a chamber with a try of women UN agency area unit reported to be highschool sophomores (around the ages of 16) surfaced and garnered quite the reaction. In each of the photos, ordered area service food is seen on the table and within the initial one, Dwight is seen walking in holding the hand of the one he’s being suspect of getting some variety of relationship with.

According to some dirt dig by Baller Alert, the lady in question goes by the name of “Debbie” and has been flown resolute varied locations by Howard on many occasions. He even conferred a “Princess” nickname on her. Allegedly, of course. Black Twitter did their due diligence and located footage of the young woman acting at McDonald’s and a number of different selfies. in addition, iPhone text message screenshots were conjointly announce on-line however there hasn’t been any proof that those weren’t created to fan the fireplace the case has started.