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Wild bear ate his owner alive

Crystal is the name well known for a wild bear retained by a man in Miami. In Miami people are wild to have pet animals. Some of them are happy with cat, nearly of them are respectable with dogs. But this man named ‘Crystal’ is well recognized in Miami to have this giant Wild bear.
This wild bear is well-known for his drama of being pet. Newly this man was making a movie with National geographic while this giant wild bear attacks the owner.
Though Crystal was certainty saved by 911 after 30 minutes. Movie was shooting at a wild studio of National geographic. Crystal was self-assured that his bear will not do no substance which that will leave a mark on his career of being pet.
You can obviously watch how this brutal wild bear tears up the neck of his owner. Crystal is currently in hospital and he gave this wild bear to near zoo for keeping. However he is now dissatisfied to see this dissimilar performance of his pet animal.

Wild bear ate his owner alive by khabarnamcha