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Life is blessing by ALLAH

Life is blessing by ALLAH one cannot deny this truth. We must live it the way we have been requested to live. Track the rules and we will be fruitful and if we do not track rules then we are doomed.
Many people around the world who are inactivated by their hands, legs, feet, they just cry and feel apologetic for themselves. Very rare of them have bravery to receive the truth and carry on. In video there are some disabled persons who have the courage to carry on with all the disabilities they have in their bodies.
Nearly of them are short of hands and some do not have legs but still they are struggling and moving forward. They are not yelling or awful and they are not desperate either. In fact they have learnt one great lesson from their disabilities. They have erudite how to change forward and in what way to show them there is nothing unmanageable in this world.

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