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Air crash mobile video

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Air travelling is measured to be the fastest way of reaching new journey’s end. Though the ratio of aviation misfortunes is very low but whenever it happened, it needed hundreds of lives. There were times when the bodies were not initiate even. The lost plane of Malaysian airline is the recent sample that shook the whole world.

Though, sometimes there happen miracle which leave you with some questions in mind. Today, we transfer you a mobile video that shows an air crash. Fortunately, no passenger dies and the cause was nobody was boarded. Yes, you read it write. Check out this astonishing footage to see with your own eyes.

This mobile footage is mostly a trick in which the maker played with camera angle and illusion. The video starts with a plane flying very low as its wings moving the branches of tree. Within seconds, it got entangled in tree and the viewers realized that it was a toy plane. Though, the trick has been complete so effortlessly that it spread smiles on numerous faces.

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