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Baby Found From Drainage Pipe

A miserable story from London where a afresh born baby is found from a drainage pipe in London. The mother of the baby must have left her there in order to hide her dirty secret. But ALLAH is much stronger and much kind than all the human beings. ALLAH kept the baby alive and also protected him from dying.
A couple of labours initiate the baby under the floor and the broke the floor to reach the baby. The baby was taken out alive and was sent to the National Hospital Services. London Metropolitan Police has in progress exploring the event that who was the non-human mother who left the baby in a broken house in the West end of London.
The news is very miserable but it shows the dirty side of Multi Billion pound state where the richest and elite class of the world reside. These devote billions of dollars every year in directive to relish but they don’t bother to spend pair of pounds to save a baby.