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King Cobra Vs mighty Anaconda People With Anaconda

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People with anaconda strange isn`t it?
Sure you can see the video for evidence. Family in boat saw the anaconda and one of the guys jammed it by tail. Anaconda was feat heavy at that time, since he had eaten rather and it was getting hard for the anaconda to move.
Girls active in boat were making lots of noise. They were noise and chanting on the braveness of that guy. Persons in the boat were flattering that guy. You force call it sheer braveness but some will call it stupidity.
Those people who call it foolishness have reason for it. They know how daring anaconda can be in response. Anaconda has the ability to eat one human at time.
Anaconda murdered that tiger by coiling and crushing its bones. This displays how dangerous anaconda can be. That is why people will call this activity stupidity.

King Cobra Vs mighty Anaconda by khabarnamcha