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OTF NuNu was a member of Lil Durk’s Only The Family (OTF) collective. A frequent collaborator with relative, Lil Durk, he had hardly discharged the music video to their track OC (feat. Lil Durk) and was set to unharness his debut mixtape, “Nuski Got prosecuting officer Strap” within the Summer. sadly, on 5-31-14, OTF NuNu became yet one more victim of Chicago gun violence. He was 21.

Cousin of rapper Lil Durk and Hip Hop creative person himself OTF Nunu was reportedly shot and killed yesterday afternoon (May 31) in side Chicago. OTF Nunu, whose name is McArthur Swindle, was 21 years old and had plans to release a mixtape this summer tentatively titled Nuski Got Da Strap. simply days past, Lil Durk released a group of visuals featuring Nunu on the song “OC.”

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Swindle’s shooting could have been gang-related. The rapper’s kinswoman, Sherri Swindle, told the days that Nunu wasn’t connected with any Chicago gangs and extra that he was taking school courses in Joliet simply outside of the town. The shooting materialized shortly once 3:00 p.m. once in an unidentified suspect approached Swindle in his vehicle and commenced shooting. advanced reports that Nunu was sitting in a very vehicle and tried to flee once the shooting occurred. Nunu apparently crashed his SUV into a window-front once sustaining multiple shooting wounds. simply hours before the shooting, Nunu denote a picture to his Instagram account with the caption “Im on total cool shit.”

Chicago continues its full fledged assault on the streets nowadays, with Lil Durk and OTF NuNu‘s latest unharness hit the net. Entitled “OC”, the track contains all of the angle and toughness usually related to the movement. whereas not abundant is thought concerning NuNu, upon 1st listening, it becomes quickly evident that he will spit. His last verse is pretty serious and that we foresee to hearing additional of his music within the future months. Lil Durk spits some laborious bars, not following his auto-tuned crooning trend that created him far-famed. positively offer this track a listen, you may realize one thing you wish.

We at the highest, since we have a tendency to came Up from nothin’ currently we have a tendency to flexin’, gettin’ cash World star, we have a tendency to be stuntin’ we have a tendency to simply kick it, currently we have a tendency to stun it poor niggas go get cash Cars from another country Run au courant Pine Tree State, you a dummy My bitches messed my automotive Rodeo up to a GHB I manufacture, I simply hit Mars we have a tendency to be coolin’ wid the celebs Diamonds shining sort of a star OTF, that is World Health Organization we have a tendency to square measure terrorist organization its fuck a opp i am unable to relate if you a opp that’s however we have a tendency to hit the town All my niggas get they inexperienced Nothing however hitters on my team Fuck a bitch, i am chasing dream money obtain you something cash obtain you something Take ’em down for everything of these honeys, they on Pine Tree State And my shooting iron be Pine Tree State Louie Belt and Louie Tee professional person employed, Robbin jeas I got diamonds on my wings I be flexin’, I be freedom guns and 223sRun au courant Pine Tree State, you may see Man down, it’s RIP.