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Camel – contest between Two Camels

Public all around the world are using camels for not the same purposes. For case camels are being used for sacrifice on Eid days, added use is for transport in deserts for those people who are existing in ruler area and do not have sufficient money to buy cars jeeps.
There is alternative use of camel and that is camel race and that often happens in desert. Camel has the ability to run in desert far quicker than any other animal. So the race furthermost of the times happens in desert.
Camel is also used to contest another camel. People using camels to contest with each other and during camels’ contest they put bet on their pet camels, and when their beloved camel wins the battle. They win heavy amount of money.
This camel contest is unlawful in utmost part of the world, but still people doing it and establishing it. Government which knows around rarely take any action in contradiction of it and someone asks them to take action against it. They answer to them that it`s their tradition and we cannot intervene in traditional activities of locals.