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Sultan Mahmood’s Grave Incident

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Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi was some of the best prominent rulers of the Islam. He was well respected in the world due to his battle and achievement divisions. He attained a lot at a very early age. He surprized the world in his life time and even after his life.
After 1000 years of his death once Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi top was demolished due to bad weather, persons in progress rebuilding it. Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi grave was scratched deep down to the lowest to the place wherever was coffin was placed. When his coffin was released people were surprised that his body was additional like he was alive.
This incident displays us that ALLAH the all influence keep good care of his friends who continuously stay in communication with him from side to side their life. This is the attractiveness of Islam that it keeps guiding us not only in this life but also in the next world.

Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi By Molana Tariq Jameel by aliraza31560