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Jaguar Attack On Crocodile

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Crocodile is one of the dangerous reptiles of sea. It is found in America, Asia, Africa and Australia. Crocodile is supposed to come out from the ancient Greek word ‘Crocodiles’. It goes to the family of lizards that is why it is also called big lizard. Crocodile has an amazing sense of hunting. It can hunt down whatever at any place either in sea or out of sea. But in video you will how jaguar attacked on crocodile and murdered it in an instant. Crocodile has no idea whatever is happening. Since jaguar is more prudent and wise when it comes down to hunt. Jaguar takes all the time in the world to strategy out and then attacks very rapidly.
Jaguar did same in the video, it removed all the time waited for the right moment and attacked. Jaguar is considered to be the 3rd fastest animal on the earth it has rapidity of 80kmph and hunting skills of jaguar are unmatchable.
Jaguar is also named big cat and it fits to the family of cat. Leopard is considered to be a contiguous animal by face and characteristics as well.

Jaguar Attacks Caiman Crocodile by BarcroftTV