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Travel alone is really dangerous for young girls

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This story is founded on a real life of occasion as this incident occurred with one of our team mates. In this clip a new and lovely girl captivating on her cell phone and strut that I will be home-based within half an hour as she was recurring from a night party. She exchange with her mother and said charging of my cell phone is going to be ended so don’t worry.

Alone Travling For Girls is Not Good by karomazain

She was on her way going to home and same time driver of this car stationary the car and told her that there is a bit incorrect with the car as driver of this vehicle was a young boy and during driving he was featuring this girl continually. But at same time a police man came on his motor bike and introduced his self and demanded this girl to call their parents from my cell phone. This incident took place in India and classically people do not trust other particularly strangers. But this video gives message to all of us mainly girls that in this universe there still are some people who restore your faith in humankind and don’t judge people due to Incident everywhere you. There are decent ones out in the society who believe in good doing. So let’s start indorsing good deeds somewhat than introducing fear among people.