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Brutal Killing of Muslim In Rohingya

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People heard about Hitler people heard about Changaiz Khan but I have faith in people are getting deaf when anybody talks to around the complaint of Muslims in Rohnigya.
If you dialog about Holocaust then you are embarrassed, you will be careful culprit because you are being racist. But once you talk near Muslims you will be labeled as racist.
Nobody has been altered for last two centuries for Muslims around the world. Muslims are being butchered everywhere.

They are Aggressive with respectively other and opponents are receiving benefit out of it. They are by us against each other, anywhere they are making us Aggressive on sectarian basis. On some places they are manufacture us Aggressive on territorial basis.
How can we complain on Rohingya subject when we have power to break them by force? Pakistan with bombs and 6th largest army in the world is enough to stop this barbaric killing in Rohingya.
If Pakistan and Turkey are calm then there is no stopping to us. But inappropriately our leaders are not working for Muslim ummat.
They are only employed for themselves and they are triggered on enemy`s agenda. So they will not give a damn on the issue of Rohingya or Burma. Since they know they are corrupt by themselves and world will not give them interplanetary if they jump taking stand with Muslims all over the place the world. Separate thing we requirement is unity.