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Leopard attacking villagers

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Indian village Lion Watch This Video. Leopard-attack villages to get constant power

PUNE: District collector Saurabh Rao on Tuesday believed numerous events, as well as withdrawal of load shedding, have been planned under a joint action plan to tackle repeated leopard attacks in villages in Junnar taluka. He was talking at a meeting on Tuesday joined by forest department officials.
Recent leopard attacks have taken place in the dark.
“The other proposals include supply of power to agricultural drives in day shifts, exploring the use of solar power in villages and sensitization of villagers on defences to be taken to avoid leopard attacks and what to do if attacked,” said Rao.
Of the 59 villages in Junnar registered as prone to leopard attacks, 28 are in the tribal area or hilly region. Safety measures are being planned in every village.

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