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In Hostel room girls are dancing –

Parents send their children out of city for getting study and they give the permission to live in hostel. But they don’t know their children are doing what kind of activities because they believe on their children they just get study but girls are not fulfill this thing. Specially Parents must watch this video and know about hostel girls.

Very revealing article by Sabahat Ikram on issue of life of Girls Hotels in Pakistan and in famous universities of Pakistan including Punjab university Lahore, BZU Multan, quaid e azam university Islamabad. What are they encouraging and a life style of girls living in hostels? This is just solitary info and it’s about Punjab university Hostels after reading you could imagine life styles of girls hostels in big cities like Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi. If you analyse genuinely you will be surprised to see a day routine of girl living in Hostel. I have also seen this life someway very closely whether you are in Lahore or Rawalpindi if you see group girls on a road late night, these are hostel girls and you must be careful now: p