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Imran Khan Responded To Qandeel Baloch Marriage Proposal

After a long wait, Qandeel Baloch has got a funny reply from an Imran Khan’s fan who has worked really hard to compile a funny reply in reply to Qandeel’s marriage proposals that were catching fire on social media.
Please check out the video and share your visions.

Facebook has a new bug, and its name is Qandeel Baloch.
If a friend (or now sworn enemy) hasn’t coughed up one of her selfie videos on your timeline, you should consider yourself very fortunate – and block probable trolls in advance.
Since Qandeel Baloch is what’s going universally on the social media circuit. And no one saw her coming.
Once a model and TV actress, she’s now a general choice for Dub smash and also a fitting on the morning shows for when some extra masala is needed. So vicious is she, that she’s prospered in jeering Mathira off the sets!
Yup, she’s that catty!


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