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Becon of hope in punjab

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How to get out of the implications of a lockdown, maybe none of has time but Punjab Land Record again emerged as a beacon of hope in this difficult arena. The authority benchmarked its quality of services in line with the coronavirus SOPs.

When the shutter was down, the capitalists have closed their doors. People were becoming unemployed. Hunger, starvation and poverty are rampant. When, the nation was in a strange dilemma, what to do, with every passing day the difficulties were increasing. Fear has taken hold on all sides. The coronavirus has jammed the wheel of life.

Meanwhile, the federation and all its units do not appear on one page. East of the Federation and West of the provinces. The government and the opposition are also engaged in a five-pronged effort. Political dilemmas are also being tested as well. The situation was getting worst. How many stoves will be turned off during this time? How many children go to bed hungry? Maybe no one knows.

Pandemic not only ruined the economy but also collapse most of the businesses that may not able to recover in the longer future. This should be considered blessing in disguise and keep focus to discover the new and innovative way of business.

The contagious virus spreads from human to human in much the same way as seasonal flu, potentially through touching a surface or the hand of a person contaminated with the virus. The most common mechanisms by which it spreads are by droplets from coughs and sneezes of infected people.

The best way is a promote small and medium industry operated through face and spaceless places. It is the time when challenges need to convert into opportunities. Only those will survive who will change in accordance with the changing circumstances.

The contagious spread increasing pressure on the economy day by day. It’s very simple, the businesses exist only if they produce something if they can’t, they can’t sell it. If they can’t sell, they can’t be sustained. What makes the difference is the use of wisdom. Exercise wisdom and go one step forward.

The surprise move was taken by taking lead from the front and opened its remote Arazi Record Center to extend relief to the poor masses by opting all precautionary measures to curb the spread of Covid-19.

A comprehensive standard operating procedure introduced keeping in view the social distancing practices opted. The initiative took place at the time when it was beyond imagination to accept the challenges and afford such risks.

The authority not only caters to the needs of people but also introduced its modern and innovative style of service delivery through its helpline and online services. Now, people are enjoying free of cost express service delivery which was earlier offered for five thousand per time slot as processing charges for express services. Institutions like NADRA, LDA etc. are also seeking help to replicate similar version as the model introduce by PLRA.

The public is praising the concept of the reserved time slot for service delivery and appreciating the initiative took by the present regime. We only talk about strengthening institutions when they are needed. In general, no one is interested in increasing their capacity.

The ARCs officer and the official played a pivotal role in regulating the quarantine center and Ehsaas program in most of the districts.

In this most troubling time, the PLRA has been seen as the most active player in compliance and extending necessary support to all its aligned department.

The Punjab Disaster management authority also seeking the technological and human resource support from PLRA in the guidance of the Board of Revenue, Punjab which is a splendid example of horizontal coordination among the pear department.

All government agencies, including private ones, should be encouraged to replicate the PLRA Model to avoid future uncertainties. These initiatives will lead to transparency in institutions, a significant increase in government revenue, and the establishment of a documented and cashless economy, which government officials often cite.

We have to take care that if there is prosperity then there will be bright Pakistan. The West probably came to this conclusion in the seventies when it gave the importance and worked to strengthen its institution and enhancing their capacity.

They offered workers equal rights with the white coat. Minimized pay gaps and ensured protection of workers’ basic interests. The rich were prevented from becoming rich, the poor were brought out of the mill of poverty. This is the main reason why every one of our youth is being drawn towards the West today. Introduce appropriate changes to the laws to protect basic interests and to ensure their gradual implementation otherwise the poverty line will get deeper and deeper.

It’s time to take advantage and turn every house into an industry. Combine each task with online services. Institutions will further flourish. Whether we have to fight with destiny or with collective wisdom, this will decide whether we will become coal or we will emerge as pure gold. It is a test of intellect.